Big Kiss is a creative content agency based in Australia. We produce videos and digital content for clients that want to stand out in their industries and innovate their brand. 



Big Kiss creates digital, video and print content for travel, corporate and media companies. Our highly skilled team of creatives, strategists and technicians combine their talents to create bespoke content for screen and print. Leading brands and companies from all over the world have engaged us to create successful campaigns, videos and content for their brands. 

Video Production

We create video content that can be packaged and distributed through various channels such as social media, inflight, broadcast

Content Strategy

Working with our strategists we develop content and strategically plan distribution to meet marketing objectives and increase brand awareness.

Social Media

We manage and produce content for clients' social media channels. Having access to a team of content producers means we can keep audiences engaged and keep the content flowing.


Our Clientele


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