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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind country luxury getaway, look no further than Belltree in the Upper Hunter, NSW. The colonial elegance of the truly plush property combined with the rugged beauty of the Australian countryside creates the perfect setting for an unforgettable getaway. The family-owned historic property is home to polo horses of international renown and people come here from all over the world to enjoy its pedigree and to revel in the sprawling estate set amid lush Australian countryside.

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Nestled amid rolling hills, verdant pasture and fertile river flats along the banks of the Hunter's River, around 30minutes from Scone and around three hours drive from Sydney, this 22,000 acre property allows access to one of the most beautiful and tranquil portions of New South Wales. If you're interested in colonial history will get the chance to experience and explore one of the most famous rural properties in Australia.


You can choose to stay within the Country House itself, with its four en-suite rooms which provide the option of an exclusive family getaway, or to sleep in one of the self-contained cottages or mountain retreat on the property. The White Cottage is ideal for families and accommodates up to six guests, while the Mitchell Cottage has three rooms and offers panoramic views of the Hunter River and surrounding hills.  


There is no wifi at Belltrees so it's the perfect opportunity to unplug and relax in nature.

Swim in the river, stroll through the gardens, have a game of tennis or just laze around your cottage. 

If you're up for a little adventure you can you explore the jaw dropping  terrain in a 4WD with a member of the White family. You'll learn about the fascinating history of the estate and visit historic sites such as the original colonial homestead (now a museum), the chapel and trading store.


Whether you want to be waited on, or enjoy a self-catering stay, the very best produce of the region is available for your delectation. Home made meals can be ordered from the Country House kitchen, or you can choose to cook up a storm yourself in a cottage kitchen using ingredients that you have sourced from the local farms, groceries, markets and vineyards



02 6546 1123

Gundy Road, Scone Hunter Valley New South Wales 2337

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