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Lake Como Boating


Surrounded by dramatic alps and dotted with picturesque villages along the glistening shoreline, Lake Como is one of the most spectacular places in Europe. The best way to experience the beauty of this region is a private jaunt on a classic italian boat. Enjoy the majestic views as you sail past legendary villas and lavish hotels , stop for a swim and immerse yourself in the magic of Lake Como.

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Luxury Boat  Tours

Take to the water and discover Lake Como’s serene villages, opulent villas, and impressive mountain scenery. From shuttle boats to row boats, there are a whole range of ways to get you out on the lake. Try your hand at sailing or relax on a luxury yacht charter for the ultimate VIP experience.

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Como Classics Boats in Lagilo is equipped with everything you would look for in a state-of-the-art boat tour. Their classic wooden boats are of sophisticated design with comfortable seating that boasts of luxury. Como Classics offers tour packages based on boat type and duration. The 2-hour ride takes you through a non-stop journey covering important sites like historic Villas around. The 4-hour boat ride stops at the oldest boatyard in the lake for 20-minutes and then makes a stop at your favorite restaurant around. 

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As a pioneering boat tour operating company in the Bellagio region, Bellagio Charter provides its clients with an array of choices to make their boat rides adventurous, fun, and relaxing. You get to enjoy a tailor-made tour that suits your requirements and convenience. The passionate set of crew members will help you learn so much about the lake and its significance. Treat yourself with authentic local experiences by swimming, sunbathing, and exploring places along the brink of the lake. Head to a lounge bar afterward and pamper yourself with an energizing drink.

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Taxi Boat Varenna is all about letting visitors enjoy the serene surroundings of Lake Como away from the hustle and bustle. So, booking a private tour with them is a great way to relax and unwind while admiring nature. Their Venetian-styled taxi boats speak of elegance combined with superior comfort. The friendly crew makes sure you get the best experience by customizing tours to fit your needs. Whether you need a quick glimpse of the lake from water or looking forward to spending a lazy couple of hours in a boat that drifts smoothly, they have got you covered. 

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Menaggio Water Limousine has an assortment of exclusive private tour packages designed just for you. You can choose between many options ranging from Classic Tour that takes you on a non-stop ride in the center of the lake to Sunset Tour to give you a perfect romantic escapade. 

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